Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.

The last 5 weeks have been good. Sometimes we were organised but more times were hectic. The apartment was clean for awhile and now it's not. I don't really feel like cleaning either. I would much rather spend the time with Alexander, than with the toilet or the dishes...

Xander is growing up so fast! I was watching some video that i took of him when he was 4 days old and then about 3 months old and he has changed so much! He loves to talk and he is starting to sit up with a little help now. He loves to try and stand while being supported and has recently acquired an emormous curiosity for the food (any food) that anyone is eating around him. He is very good at communicating what it is that he needs or wants (well, about 80% percent of the time I'd say) and he is quite patient with us when we are figuring out what he needs. 

He started saying some more distinct sounds the last couple of days, like mum, and muma, and a whole lot of baby jabbering it is so cute!! I'm not sure he has made a connection with the words he saying and what they are but it's fun to think that he could be saying momma :)

We have a green foam chair called a bumbo that one member of our family loaned us and it helps him to sit up with out falling, he loves it. Some of Xander's favorite toys are basically anything that spins or moves when he hits them. We have something like this that hooks up to his carseat and i think that it is one of his very favorites. He could play with it for hours if we had him in his seat for that long!

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Bernadine Nel Cook said...

You are such a sweet little family Johanna!