Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A great Discovery!

Yay for Digital Scrapbooking!! I have discovered something that is totally guilt free! First I can say that I am actually accomplishing something when I am using Photoshop ( since most of the time it is spent with me dorkishly editing Bella and Edward pictures from twilight) but I also don't have to feel bad for spending lots and lots of money on scrapbooking supplies because i can legally download them for free :)
I'm excited! Here is a page that I just made:
Life is going pretty well. Our family is experiencing a few changes but so far we are adjusting well. Andy just started working down at the Blackers in Blackfoot as a manager. Xander is 6 months old and is growing well. His personality is really starting to show through and everyday we learn more and more about him. He is a very good communicator and he never hesitates to let us know when something isn't quite right. He loves food and isn't picky about anything that we feed him. As far as he is concerned food and any food is delicious! He makes very sweet little noises when you feed him, like he is starving and the food is the best he has ever tasted!

Well this one will be short because it's bed time. Yes we have given ourselves a bedtime so we can try and be a little healthier. You have to start somewhere, right?

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Bernadine said...

Xander eats like Andy. If it is food, he eats it!